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Catac - Organic Catnip Sack - 50g

SKU: 11183

by Catac

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What is Catac Organic Catnip Sack?

Catac Organic Catnip Sack is a way of keeping your cat entertained for hours

Key Benefits

  • Premotes playfulness
  • Totally irresistible to cats
  • Ideal for lazy cats

Key Features

  • Size: 12cm x 9cm
  • Contains fresh 100% organic catnip
  • Builds confidence in timid cats

What We Think

We think this is a great way to get your lazy cat active and playful again.

Product Information

Organic Catnip sack contains fresh 100% organic catnip and is packaged to reach you with maximum freshness. A powerful herb Catnip makes a lazy cat actively playful and builds confidence in frightened or timid cats. Ideal for when cats have not been playful or active for some time relieves tension particularly if your cat has been subjected to stress.


  • Catac Products Organic Catnip Sack - 50g


Stuffed with nothing but certified organic catnip leaves and flowers.

Suggested Use

Use as required.

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