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Company of Animals - Boomer Ball - 10cm (4)

SKU: 12323

by Company of Animals

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What is The Company of Animals Boomer Ball?

The Company of Animals Boomer Ball is a ball design for macho dogs!

Key Benefits

  • Ultimate tough toy
  • Promotes playfulness
  • Suitable for strong chewers

Key Features

  • For strong macho dogs
  • Great fun for your pet
  • Attractive design

What We Think

The Boomer Ball is a great ball game for your pet, it is designed for the larger breed of dogs who like to chew and conquer!


The Boomer Ball is a good way to get your dog playing, it can stop boredom at anytime in the day!

Product Information

The Boomer Ball is one of few dog toys where the claim to virtual indestructibility can be made with confidence. This toy is a great boredom breaker which will provide hours of fun for all dogs.


The Boomer Ball is especially suitable for strong chewers and dogs that regularly destroy their toys, as well as for interactive play.


It is designed not to be picked up by your dog and should be a size bigger than the dog can carry.

Further Information

Boomer balls are made from tough polyethylene which means they can not be punctured or ripped. They are designed not to be picked up therefore providing your pet with hours of fun to run around!

The 10cm ball is reccomended for the bigger breed of dog!


  • The Company of Animals Ltd - Boomer Ball - 10cm (4")


Made from rubber.

Suggested Use

When choosing this 10cm 4" Boomer Ball be sure that your dog is bigger then the ball, the boomer ball was made to be pushed around not picked up.


If you are in any doubt please contact us and/or your Veterinarian prior to using the product.

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