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Company of Animals - Fantasy Flyer

SKU: 12416

by Company of Animals


What is Company of Animals - Fantasy Flyer?

Company of Animals Fantasy Flyer is a fun outdoor toy.

Key Benefits

  • Great shape for throwing
  • Can fly over long distances
  • Floats in water

Key Features

  • Colours may vary
  • Outdoor toy
  • Tough with gentle edges

What We Think

This is the perfect toy for active dogs who love to run and play. Travelling over long distances you can keep dog fit and healthy.

Product Information

The Fantasy Flyer is a fun, aerodynamic retrieval toy which can fly over long distances and is perfect for promoting fun and fitness for dogs and their owners!Dogs love to fetch and the Fantasy Flyer has a great shape to allow dogs to pick up and run with it.


With tough yet gentle edges, the Fantasy Flyer can provide hours of fun and can even be used in the water as it floats!

Further Information

Way back in 1979 Dr Roger Mugford, (now a world renowned animal psychologist) founded The Company of Animals as a vehicle to sell his inventions.The Company is based on a 100 acre working farm in Surrey (England).


The site is also home to the Training and Behaviour Centre, which was also founded by Roger in 1979. This gives The Company Of Animals the unique advantage of being able to constantly research and develop new products to help resolve pet-related behaviour and training problems, as well as having a great base in which to test new designs and principles of animal training.


  • Company of Animals - Fantasy Flyer


Made with tough fabric with double stitched edges.

Suggested Use

Best played outdoors in a wide open space. Use as required.


If you are in any doubt please contact us and/or your Veterinarian prior to using the product.

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