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Company Of Animals - Marrowbone Chew Toy - X Large

SKU: 15831

by Company of Animals


What is Company Of Animals Marrowbone Chew Toy?

Company Of Animals Marrowbone Chew Toy is a tough, chewable nylon bone.

Key Benefits

  • Promotes better dental hygiene
  • Provides chewing enjoyment and satisfaction
  • Can clean your dogs teeth!

Key Features

  • Days of enjoyment
  • Jerky flavour in the centre
  • Safe for indoor use

What We Think

Satisfaction guaranteed!

Product Information

Marrow Bone is a durable interactive dog bone that provides hours of enjoyment and chewing satisfaction. Nylon ridges are formed when your pet chews the bone. These ridges help remove tartar by working like a toothbrush’s bristles. Jerky flavour down the middle is an extra treat! They are also great for teeth! Marrow Bones promote better dental hygiene; nylon shavings raised during the chewing process act like a toothbrush, removing tartar and cleaning the dog’s teeth.


  • Company Of Animals - Marrowbone Chew Toy - X Large


Delicious jerky flavoured centre!


If you are in any doubt please contact us and/or your veterinarian prior to using the product.

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Our Price £8.81