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Friendly Dog Collars - Yellow 'NERVOUS' Lead - 120cm

SKU: 11185

by Friendly Dog Collars

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What is Colour Coded Dog Lead (Nervous)?

Colour Coded Dog Lead (Nervous) 120cm is a way of advising the public you are walking a nervous dog.

Key Benefits

  • Smart yellow coloured leed
  • Can help prevent accidents in public
  • Known as an unpredictable dog

Key Features

  • Luxury Airflow Padded handled leads
  • Easily readable 'Nervous' sign
  • Makes public aware of dogs personality

What We Think

We think these leads are an excellent way to advise the public of the type of dog you are walking

Product Information

By using this simple easy system, we could save so many preventable accidents and incidents out in public. Children would know not to approach a dog wearing a red "CAUTION" item, if you saw a dog with an orange "NO DOGS"  item you would know not to release your dog off of their lead yet, and if you saw a big scary dog and it was wearing a green "FRIENDLY" item there would be no need to worry so you can relax!


  • Colour Coded Dog Lead (Nervous) – 120cm Yellow

Suggested Use

Use as required.

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