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Hotterdog - Fleece Jumper - Large - Blue

SKU: 12428

by Hotterdog

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What is Hotterdog Fleece Jumper?

The Hotterdog Fleece Jumper has been designed to help your dog feel comfortable, warm and dry all year round.

Key Benefits

  • Covers whole body
  • Effective for drying off wet dogs
  • Designed to wick moisture away from the body

Key Features

  • Strap-free with no pressure points
  • Suited for short and long-term wear
  • Water-repellent and washable

What We Think

Made from premium fleece, this dog jumper has excellent insulating properties, keep the worst of the rain and mud off and have good body coverage.

Perfect for general weather protection and can be especially useful during winter months to keep your dog warm and comfortable.

Product Information

The Hotterdog Jumper covers the torso embracing the chest, belly and front legs, and extends to the base of the tail giving maximum warmth and incredible freedom of movement for the tiniest dog or most hectic greyhound.

Strap-free with no pressure points, the jumper is suited for short and long-term wear.

The fleece fabric is expressly designed to wick moisture away from the body into the atmosphere while retaining body heat - a much more effective and comfortable alternative to leaving a dog in a wet towelling bag.

Not only is the fleece water-repellent and washable, but also it is extremely effective for drying off wet dogs such as working dogs or after swimming or hydrotherapy.

Further Information

The packaging has a hanger for easy display and has clear instructions on how to measure, fit, remove and wash the garment.

The Hotterdog garments are water repellent, stylish, warm and cosy.

The top quality fabric does not fade or lose its shape, is machine washable, tumble dries and needs no reproofing to retain its weatherproof properties.


  • Hotterdog - Fleece Jumper - Large - Blue


Made of fleece fabric.

Suggested Use

Use as required.


If you are in any doubt please contact us and/or your veterinarian prior to using the product.

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