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Kong - Puppy Snacks - Large

SKU: 17249

by Kong


What is Kong Puppy Snacks?

Kong Puppy Snacks are delicious dog treats made from 100% natural ingredients.

Key Benefits

  • Specially formulated for puppy's sensitive tummy's
  • Delicious tasting for your puppy!
  • Perfect to stuff into the puppy kong rubber toy

Key Features

  • High quality natural ingredients
  • Chicken and rice flavour
  • Contains no wheat, corn or soy

What We Think

Puppies love them they are so irresistible.

Product Information

Kong Puppy treats are specially designed to fit inside the Puppy Kong Rubber Toy in assorted colours! They are made from 100% natural ingredients, meaning that they are great for puppies who may have sensitive tummy's.

Kong Puppy Snacks are an all round healthy treat for a happy, growing puppy!


  • Kong - Puppy Snacks - Large

Suggested Use

Stuff these delicious treats into your puppies rubber kong toy! Use as a treat when training your puppy!


If you are in any doubt please contact us and/or your veterinarian prior to using the product.

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Our Price £8.81