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Lilly Brush - Large

SKU: 16322

by Lilly Brush

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What is Lilly Brush?

Lilly Brush is designed with specially engineered nylon bristles to pick up hair from multiple surfaces!

Key Benefits

  • Removes pet hair
  • Can remove muddy paw marks
  • Quick and easy to use

Key Features

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Specially engineered nylon bristles
  • Multi-use!

What We Think

This is a must have pet hair remover!

Product Information

The Lilly Brush BE FOREVER FURLESS really is as good as its name! Designed with specially engineered nylon bristles the Lilly Brush BE FOREVER FURLESS picks up pet hair with just a few quick sweeps. It efficiently removes pet hair, household lint and even muddy paw prints from multiple surfaces in your home, so it’s perfect for upholstery, clothing, bedding and carpets, literally anywhere pet hair tends to gather.

Further Information

No refills required, just rinse and it is ready for the next time!


  • Lilly Brush - Large

Suggested Use

You can use it on on clothing, furniture, bedding, car upholstery, carpets, pet beds and everywhere else fur lurks.

Using moderate pressure, briskly sweep Lilly Brush back and forth over clothing, upholstery, bedding or carpets. For the most amazing results on washable fabrics, slightly dampen Lilly Brush before use. Pet hair and lint will form an easily removable roll on the surface of the brush.

Quick rinse afterwards, and your job is done.

To clean - Wash Lilly Brush BFF with water and light soap, then tap briskly to disengage any remaining pet hair or lint fibres with the excess water. Occasionally run thumb across the tops of bristles to help disengage leftover lint and hair fibres.


If you are in any doubt please contact us and/or your veterinarian prior to using the product.

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