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Petface - Cat Crinkle Bag

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by Petface

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What is the Petface Cat Crinkle Bag?

The Petface Cat Crinkle Bag is a soft and exciting toy for cats and kittens of all ages to play with.

Key Benefits

  • Provides sensory stimulation
  • Can be easily folded up and stored away
  • Great exercise for your cats as they climb away

Key Features

  • Miniature size makes it perfect for indoor play
  • Cats love the sight, sound and touch of the bag
  • High walls allow your cat to play by themselves

What We Think

The Cat Crinkle Bag is a great way to provide sensory stimulation to cats and kittens of all ages.

It's attractive, mess free and can provide your cat with hours of fun!

Product Information

Cats and kittens will have a great time clambering into the Petface Cat Crinkle Bag, rolling around inside it and pawing the crinkly sides.

They’ll find the feel of the vibrantly coloured material and the sound it makes deeply stimulating for their senses.

Give your cats added pleasure by applying catnip to the bag, a natural substance that they find deeply alluring and one that really encourages them to experiment and play.

Further Information

With a length and width of just 30cm, the crinkle bag for cats is perfect for indoor play.

The crinkle cat bag is a highly effective way to stop furniture in your house being scratched - the number one problem caused by cat boredom. It also provides cats with a private place to escape to, helping to relieve any anxiety they may feel.


  • Petface - Cat Crinkle Bag


Made of Nylon.

Suggested Use

Use as required.


If you are in any doubt please contact us and/or your veterinarian prior to using the product.

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